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Personal Training

One to one training designed and customized for your current fitness level and goals. Includes nutrition advise. A variety of practice deals available. 

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Strength Training

A novel program that incorporates muscle building exercises with bursts of cardiovascular endurance phases. We focus on building up endurance strength  and power.

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A unique program that utilizes switches transition and flow sequences of to allow us to move with maximal efficiency. This program is great for overall fitness. 

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Warrior Zen Fitness

26 years of experience in fitness and wellness

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I’ve been working with Jeff since the beginning of March 2020, prior to working with him I was tracking what I was eating and I was starting to go to my local YMCA consistently for boot camp classes and weight training, my progress was slow.  However, with the onset of COVID-19 and physical distancing I needed help keeping up with my training and I began doing virtual sessions with Jeff, it was one the best decisions I have made.  He has helped me with improving my workouts and challenged me when my body adapted to them. I have seen physical and internal changes faster and healthier. I want to continue to keep building physical strength and mentally challenging myself to see what I can do with my full potential.

Samson Romero, RSW MSW

Jeff's style of teaching yoga with several step-wise progressions allows gradual development of the pose accommodating different levels of students. Patient and generous in clarifications and explanations, his teaching gives a deeper understanding of the benefits of the pose at a physiological level.

Geetha Hobson

The virtual classes offered by Jeff and Simon help me stay fit in the convenience of my home.  Classes are motivating, with options to suit all levels. Excellent value!

Claire Colle